If you’re a dog owner, picking up dog poop is a dreaded task. With over 469,000 doggie households, 40% having two or more dogs, and each K-9 companion pooping roughly twice a day – that’s a lot of poop!

Pet Scoop has been keeping yards tidy & clean for 18 years now and on April 19, 2012, celebrated our millionth yard cleanup. One million yards cleaned – can you believe it? We had a hard time wrapping our heads around it too.

The lucky client was D. Gibbons and her dog Sasha in Denver. A group of Pet Scoop employees, including owner, Sam Johnson, presented the client with a bouquet of balloons, a gift certificate good for one year of scooping service, and a gift basket filled with toys and goodies for Sasha. Sasha was such a cutie. She loved being taped and having an audience to delight.

One lucky client guessed the exact day and city of the millionth cleanup on our Facebook contest and received one month of free scooping service. All others who participated in the contest received a bag of Doggone Good Compost which is high quality and 100% safe soil amendment made of Pet Scoop’s composted dog doo.

“We know people dread poop pickup duty, which is why we doo what we doo,” says Sam, President and Scoop Master. “After months of snow and cold weather, most dog owners have a substantial amount of Spring yard cleaning waiting for them. As the oldest and most experienced pet poop pickup service in Denver, we feel priviledged to have served the Denver dog owner and attribute our success their support and referrals.”

Check out the video of the event on YouTube.