It’s Snowin’ and Your Dog Keeps Goin’


   It’s Snowin’ and Your Dog
       Keeps Goin’

Snow Charge

We want to assure you that as long as your dogs continue to go, we will continue to come out and scoop as often as possible so that waste does not accumulate. We typically get calls from our clients with questions about Pet Scoop’s winter/snow scooping so we wanted to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. As always, if you need additional information, please do not hesitate to call us at  303-781-7667.

    Q. What is a “snow charge”?

A. When we are unable to clean or we do not find enough waste to justify a cleanup, we will issue you a snow charge for that cleanup. A snow charge is 3/4  the regular charge.

     Q.  Why do you still charge 3/4 the regular rate when you can’t clean?

A. We charge  3/4 the regular rate because the dogs continue to go, which means there will be that much more waste to clean on the next visit. It will take the technicians much longer to clean the additional waste. Please understand that when the snow melts there may be a significant amount of waste that has accumulated and you will not be charged extra for that cleanup unless you temporarily stopped service.

Q.  If it snows on the day you are scheduled or planning to clean, do you snow charge the cleaning or reschedule?

A. Whenever possible, we try to make up the cleanup so you don’t have a missed cleanup. This usually means we may be a day or two behind schedule. Our goal is to make sure that every client is getting a regular cleanup in order to keep the waste from accumulating. If we are more than 3 days behind schedule, we usually snow charge the cleanups.

     Q. Why do you clean my yard when it is snow filled?

A. Depending on temperatures and forecasts, we may clean your yard even though there is snow on the ground. We take advantage of breaks in the weather to get as much waste as we can so it does not accumulate; we get waste on top of the snow, in melted areas, and from decks and patios.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions or concerns. Our phone number is 303-781-7667 or you may e-mail us at Add a comment

Pet Waste Stations: Help to Maintain a Clean Neighborhood

We all love to walk and be surrounded by a clean environment. Pet waste stations are the indispensable tool for keeping parks, streets, apartments, residences, and common areas neat from our friends’ waste. This simple plastic bag dispenser helps pet owners to walk hand-free from awkward dog waste scoops, letting them enjoy the stroll together with their dogs while respecting and maintaining a clean neighborhood. 

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Now days, dogs are part of our family and we would really do anything to see them happy. More than any other domestic animal they need to go out from the house at least three times a day in order to play, stretch their legs, and eliminate their wastes. This is when the pet waste stations become a useful help in dog owner’s lives, saving many others from distractedly stepping on these unconventional (and definitely not appreciated) “presents”. Indeed, dog wastes are not only an unnecessary decor of the sidewalks but also a potential harmful refuge for many bacteria that is dangerous both for human beings and other animals.   

Untitled designGiven these premises, choosing to adapt a pet waste station in the neighborhood would generate a series of positive benefits for the community. Firstly, having one of these dispensers strategically installed along the sidewalk will motivate the laziest of the pet owners who are discouraged from cleaning their pets’ wastes when they forget to bring a plastic bag with them while walking out the dog. Secondly, there is a positive effect also at an environmental level. Collecting our dog’s wastes with plastic bags will save toxins to be absorbed by the ground which would eventually end up through storms, into streams, and lakes. As a matter of fact many people don’t know dogs diet is not adequate to allow their wastes to be used as fertilizers making them even harmful for lawns and gardens. 

Lastly, for those who look at the financial impact, it is worth it to highlight that pet waste stations dispensers are not expensive. They are made of different materials and comes in different shapes for all possible tastes always extremely discrete in order not to be too invasive on the aesthetic of the neighborhood.

In conclusion, the proper usage of pet waste stations will help people save some good money in manpower for cleaning streets and yards while helping to increase the quality of life for everyone. 

How is your community doing on its pet wet stations?
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Pet Travel: A Complete Guide

For many pet parents, a trip is no fun if your furry, feathered or four-legged family members can't come. Travelling can be highly stressful at the best of times. With your animal companions in tow, it can be even more stressful. However, thoughtful preparation takes the bite out of the stress - you can be guaranteed a fun and relaxed trip for everyone. Planning a road trip or holiday abroad? Travelling with your pet contains more than just loading your animal in the back seat and driving off. Each year, tens of millions of animals make journeys with their guardians all over the world. Holiday packages are now being designed around pets and their guardians with sales of items like canine backpacks soaring.

Girl and Dog 1

The increase in pet travel has also seen numerous major international hotel chains changing their attitudes towards pets
by welcoming them into their establishments. If you are planning
on driving long distances or plan to be away for a long time, there
is a lot to consider.

If you are travelling abroad, you may need to plan six months to a year ahead in order to ensure that you and your pet will enjoy your adventure. Before travelling, you have to ask yourself - are you going to be spending a lot of time with your pet or would they be happier at home?

If you decide it’s best to bring your pet along, the below infographic created by
Greyhounds as Pets, has everything you need for an enjoyable, stress free trip.

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