Having a pet is a great stress reliever and the Denver area with lots of available outdoor activities and animal friendly spaces makes it the perfect place to own a dog.

The last thing you probably feel like doing when you get home from work or on your day off is picking up dog poop in your yard, especially in the cold winter months.

Pet Scoop Services can help you enjoy dog ownership while taking care of the less pleasant aspects of it.

  • Reliable service- Pet Scoop technicians are on time, everytime. If there is ever a weather or other delay, you will be notified and cleanup will be promptly reschedued.
  • Friendly staff- Our staff loves dogs. Many of our customers mention how much their dog loves their technician.
  • Environmentally friendly- Pet Scoop composts dog waste, making them a green alternative.
  • Affordable- Prices for weekly cleanup start around $10/week, depending on the number of dogs you have and their breeds. An affordable service for you or another dog lover in your life.

So take this item off your to-do list and let the pet waste experts at Pet Scoop give you a better yard and more quality time with those you love.

Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.