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Dog Waste Composting

Dog Waste Composting


Dog Waste Composting

  • Pet Scoop is the ONLY service in Colorado to compost dog poop.
  • Pet Scoop is the exclusive partner of EnviroWagg, LLC which produces DOGGONE GOOD COMPOST.
  • Each year Colorado dogs generate over 9 Thousand Tons of dog waste.  Now Pet Scoop and EnviroWagg, LLC are finally doing something useful with it.
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  • Reduces waste being sent to landfills
  • Professional composting upcyles dog waste into a useful product
  • Diverts this nuisance from walkways, landscapes, landfills and streams


  • Currently 25% of the dog poop we collect is being composted
  • DOGGONE GOOD COMPOST is the result
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  • Dog waste is scooped from our client’s yards and properties
  • The Dog Doo is then brought back to our facility where it is then transported to EnviroWagss’s processing plant in Longmont Colorago
  • The Dog Waste goes through an upcylce process transforming it into a premium compost
  • The DOGGONE GOOD COMPOST is then bagged and shipped all over the country

We Guarantee

Kat always makes an effort to meet and greet our dogs getting to know them and making them feel good!
Mary F. of Littleton

I am impressed with Nick’s service and the job he does. We were considering cleaning the yard ourselves, but we keep the service because he does such a great job!
Tasha O. of Lakewood

Thanks for a job well done. I’m so glad I found you guys!
Kay S. Golden


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