June 22, 2012 was National Take Your Dog to Work Day. The office staff here at Pet Scoop love to bring our dogs to work! We decided to let our dogs takeover Facebook last week in celebration of “working dogs.” They had a lot of fun conducting giveaways and posting pictures of themselves. They were a little bummed out to find out that so many people were out of town on vacation and never saw their silly posts and pictures. We just can’t stand to see weepy little dog faces so we decided to post a few of the pictures from last week on our blog in hopes that it will cheer up our “break out star wanna be’s.” They are still waiting by the phone for their calls from Vogue & GQ. We threw in an extra picture (last one) that they neglected to post on the Facebook page but we felt it really captured the essence of what it was really like allowing Facebook to be taken over by our dogs!

DSC 00161  RBatwork3  DSC 0019