Whether you just don’t have time to pick up dog poop, or you would enjoy the convenience of having Denver’s most reliable pooper scooper service, our Denver, Colorado team of professional poop scooping technicians will leave your yard renewed and free of dog waste. We pride ourselves on quality pet services. Here is how we can help you provide a clean and healthy environment for your family and pet.

PET SCOOP, also known as…
There are a few ways to describe the pet services we provide. Denver Pooper Scooper is the most common. There’s also Denver Dog Waste Removal, pet waste removal, dog poop pick up artist, pet waste disposal, dog poop removal service, dog waste cleanup. Then, there’s pet waste management, dog poop clean up technicians and the pesky pile police. In the end, we’re just your friendly professional Denver Pooper Scooper Service.

 After 18 years of providing pooper scooper service, we still find that people “didn’t know this type of service existed”.  So many of our new clients discover pooper scooper services while looking for other pet services, such as pet grooming, or doggy day care. With the busy schedule most people have nowadays, it’s almost a requirement to hire a professional pooper scooper service to make sure the dog you love is taken care and has a poop-free yard.