“Waste Not” Up-Cycle Program

for Self-Service clients


Who is it for?

  • Clients that no longer want or need the full scooper service.
  • Dog Owners who are concerned about sending their dog’s waste to the landfill and would prefer to see the waste “up-cycled” into compost.
  • Dog Owners who do not want to manage and dispose of the dog waste themselves.


How does it work?

  1. Pet Scoop will supply a bucket w/ lid and biodegradable trash bag for the client who will then dispose of the waste in the bucket as they collect it (bucket can be placed anywhere as long as Pet Scoop has access to it).
  2. A technician will come by on a regular schedule, usually weekly.
  3. The tech will remove the bag of waste and put a new bio-trash bag in its place.
  4. The tech will then bring the waste back to our compost dumpster in which it will be transported to our partner, Envirowagg’s facility in Longmont for composting.


 How much does it cost?

One-time charge of $5.00 for the bucket and 1st time delivery.

$4.75 per week regardless of the number of dogs.  (about 1/2 the cost of the full service)



 Convenience– Easily dump collected dog waste in the bucket and not have to worry about disposal.

 Environment Pet Scoop will up-cycle the waste rather than it going to the landfill and provide earth friendly, bio-degradable trash bags not plastic bags.


To get started with this unique and

environmentally friendly service,

simply call  Pet Scoop