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This is Grady, Grady Wilson from Sanford and son! he's 7 yrs old we got him when he was just a baby and weighed only 1lb. He acts more like a dog than your typical cat, when he was a baby he would bark around sounded like a little [...]



This is Bailey, our Routing Manager Toby's livestock guardian dog! He was rescued in Denver and found his way to us a year ago, with zero experience as an LGD. He looks over his 8 goats 24/7 and is a natural at the job - scaring off coyotes, stray [...]



Goshe is a 9 year old rescued Golden Retriever Mix who belongs to Karlyn our receptionist. He loves camping, hiking, swimming, and adventuring! 


Arlo and Kirby

Arlo and Kirby are both 6 months old in the picture above. Arlo is now 80 pounds and Kirby is 10 pounds of pure steal! They are best buds! 


Liam and Darla

Liam and Darla are rescue babies! Liam is a 6 year old Min Pin/Chihuahua mix who loves playing ball, cuddles and any treat you have! Darla is 10 years old and loves to find a comfy place to sleep when they are not hanging out with my niece and [...]


Little Cat

This is Little Cat, half sugar half salt. Little Cat joined the family 10 years ago when she was deemed too mean to be adopted. Through the power of love Little Cat is now mostly snuggles and only occasionally attacks her human. 

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