After more than 3 decades and over 3 million cleanups of Colorado yards and properties, we’ve answered a lot of questions about Scooping Poop. We’ve fetched the most commonly asked questions here for you. If you have a question that we didn’t bark about here, please use the Contact Us page and ask away! Chances are someone else has the same question, and we’re always up for a good chat.

Why Use Pet Scoop Services?2023-12-03T12:21:44-06:00

We are Denver Colorado’s Preferred Pooper Scooper Service.

We’ve been perfecting the art of doggy doo removal since 1994.  Our dedicated team is all about delivering professional and caring dog waste removal services at a rate that won’t make you howl. We’ve helped thousands of clients provide a clean, healthy and attractive environment for their families and pets. Start enjoying your yard and pets again by simply calling us at 303-781-7667 or signing up HERE and join our pack of satisfied clients – we Guarantee it!

How Do You Ensure My Dog’s Safety?2023-12-03T12:01:43-06:00

Safety is our top dog priority!

We’re like the vigilant lifeguards of poop patrol, ensuring that gates are firmly secured while in the yard and when leaving. Your dog’s in good paws with us – we take extra care to make sure they stay in their happy place while we do the cleanup cha-cha.

Does the Initial Dog Waste Cleanup Cost Extra?2023-12-03T16:39:23-06:00

The Initial Cleanup (1st cleanup) typically costs a bit more than recurring service. The fee depends on the time since the last thorough cleaning and the number of dogs.

If it’s been a hot minute since the yard was last cleaned and there’s a treasure trove of doggy delights waiting, an initial dog waste cleanup fee will apply. We would be more than happy to come out and take a look at your turf, and we’ll provide a no-obligation estimate or you can simply enter some basic information for a Free Quote HERE.

How Do I Pay for this “Scoop-tacular” Service?2023-12-03T17:17:56-06:00

We’re not into pre-poop payments!

Your bill come your way on the first day of each month, post-cleanup fun. It’ll show your Average Monthly Rate (A.M.R.) which stays the same each month (unless you change frequency or number of dogs), making budgeting and paying as easy as a belly rub.

Calculating your A.M.R. takes your per cleanup rate, figuring out the weekly cost, multiplying it by 52 weeks, and dividing by 12 months. It might seem like a brain teaser but picture this: Opting for Twice Weekly service at $11.50 per cleanup, your A.M.R. would be $11.50 x 2 = $23 weekly x 52 weeks = $1,196 / 12 months = $99.67 per month. You’ll always know the magic number, regardless of how many cleanups happened in the monthly billing cycle.

We accept checks, credit cards, money orders, and even PayPal.  Join the “Monthly Auto Debit” party for automatic, no-hassle payments.  You can also make a one-time credit card or PayPal Payment .  Check out our Pricing for the full scoop.

How Much Does Pooper Scooper Service Cost?2023-12-03T17:01:20-06:00

Our rates are as friendly as a wagging tail.

Cost depends on the number of dogs, frequency of dog waste pick up, and the size of the yard. Check out Pet Scoop’s pooper scooper pricing here – Pricing.

What Areas Does Pet Scoop Service?2023-12-03T13:45:46-06:00

We are the only pet waste removal service…

…in the Colorado area that covers all Denver Metro areas and Northern Front Range, including Fort Collins. We’re like the superheroes of poop cleanup, coving everywhere from Boulder to Castle Rock and Golden to Aurora. Wondering if we patrol your turf? Call 303-781-7667 or enter your Zip Code HERE to see if we’re in your neighborhood.

Who Should Use a Professional Pooper Scooper Service?2023-12-03T17:06:16-06:00

Dog owners in need of a poop-free paradise!

If who are unable, unwilling or just want to enjoy their yard and pets without the hassle of dog waste clean up, join our pack. Perfect for parents with tiny humans who love outdoor play or those who cherish their yard time. Also ideal for those with physical or visual impairments and anyone with better things to do than doggy doo duty. 

Am I Leashed to a Contract?2023-12-03T13:56:09-06:00

Nope!  Start, stop or change service at anytime.

No contract here – since 1994, we have been committed to building customer loyalty through great service, not paperwork.  Check out our Terms of Service so you know what to expect while enjoying the freedom to start, stop or change your service whenever you please.

Should I Unlock My Gate?2023-12-03T14:03:37-06:00

Absolutely! Our Scoop Techs don’t do fence parkour. 

Please unlock that gate on service day (we’ll be sure to lock it back) or, if you prefer, we can loan you a lock at no cost and your gate can remain locked without you having to hassle with it. No gate gymnastics required!

Will I Need to Confine or Restrain My Dog?2023-12-03T17:37:25-06:00

Only if your dog is a potential drama queen.

“Passion for Pets” is one of our Core Values.  Our Scoop Techs love dogs, and being with them feels like a day at the dog park!  However, they’re also quite attached to their fingers.  If your Princess tends to be a bit feisty, we’ll need you to take the lead in confining or restraining her while we work in the yard. Your Scoop Tech will text or call you before arriving to confirm that Cujo is keeping his cool indoors before we venture into the yard.

Do You Scoop Poop in Winter?2023-12-03T15:28:55-06:00

Pawsitively! We’re your All-Season Poop Scoop Pros. 

When winter hits, our poop patrol squad is on a mission to tackle your dog’s poop-cycles. If the weather turns ruff, anticipate a short delay, but we’ll usually catch up within a day or two. Even if there’s still snow in your yard, we’ll tidy up decks, patios and anything we can find on top or where it’s melted, ensuring the waste does not continue to pile up.  If a major snowfall causes us to missed an entire cleanup, fear not. We’ll be there on your next scheduled visit, prepared to handle double the waste.

P.S. Even if your assigned day isn’t in the snowy day delay, your tech’s weekly groove might dance to a different beat.  Rest assured, they’ll keep you in the loop if you’re VIP on the off-schedule delay list.

P.P.S. Your Average Monthly Rate remains unchanged, covering the extra cleanup load with no added cost.

What About Holidays?2023-12-03T15:12:10-06:00
We work summer holidays but take a paws for these festive days:
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Day

If your cleanup day falls on these holidays, we’ll aim for the day before or after.  If you need to have a dog indoors or a gate unlocked, your tech will shoot you a bark before the rescheduled scoop-date.

P.S. Even if your day isn’t on the holiday, your tech may have a funky schedule that week and will stay in touch.

What If My Dog Wont Be Using the Yard Temporarily (ie Doggie Vacation)?2023-12-03T17:50:07-06:00

Vacation awaits, but before you embark, let us know by calling or using our Contact Us Form.

We’re as flexible as a well-chewed dog toy.  Just give us heads-up, preferably 24 hours or more, to avoid any un-needed yard visits. If your dog(s) won’t be frolicking in the yard (no waste accumulating) and we dodge an unnecessary trip, we’ll credit your monthly bill for that “skipped” cleanup.  

What If My Dog Pack Changes?2023-12-03T17:51:43-06:00

Give us a “bark” and we’ll adjust your doggy dynamics.

Whether a new pup joins the pack or an old friend bids the yard farewell, give us a shout. We’ll tweak your pricing accordingly.  Want more or fewer visits per week?  No problem!  Check out our Poop Scooper Service Fees for the scoop on rates. Connect with us to update your service by dialing 303-781-7667 or filling out our Contact Us Form.

I’m Moving, How Can I Change My Service?2023-12-03T16:37:35-06:00

Seamless moves with spotless yards!

If you’re relocating within the Denver-Metro or Northern Front Range area, ring us at 303-781-7667 or fill out our Contact Us Form. We’ll seamlessly shift your pooper scooper service to your new digs and make your move smoother, at least when it comes to the yard mess. 

Can My Dog’s Poop be Used as a Natural Fertilizer?2023-12-03T17:21:59-06:00

Not recommended!

While your dog might see themselves as backyard gardeners, their “fertilizer” might not have the green thumb effect you’re hoping for.

Why No Every Other Week Service Option?2023-12-03T18:27:41-06:00

Short answer: it’s a doggone challenges for our clients, techs and routes.

In the past, we gave Every Other Week service a shot, but found it was like trying to catch a runaway greyhound – exhausting…  Winter scooping sometimes meant skipping cleanings due to snow, leading to weeks of waste buildup, leaving our Scoop Techs in a race against time. It also messed with our groove on routes designed for a smooth daily flow.  So, we ditched the headache for us and our clients, opting for weekly service at a similar monthly cost.  It’s a win-win that leaves our clients and techs with more smiles and fewer piles!  

Why Does My Dog Choose the Most Inconvenient Spot To Do Their Business?2023-12-03T18:31:23-06:00

It’s an ancient canine art form called “Poop-dancing,” designed to keep you on your toes.

Can I Teach My Dog to Clean Up After Themselves?2023-12-03T18:33:33-06:00

We’re still waiting for the day dogs evolve opposable thumbs. Until then, it’s a team effort.

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Client Raves!

We have absolutely loved having petscoop as a service. Not only do they do an incredible job, the employees are INCREDIBLE. My three year old has developed such a relationship with him and looks forward to seeing her "poop friend" three times a week! Here they are with our puppy Chip ♥️
Ashley Jansen
Ashley Jansen
Pet scoop is the best thing I have done as a pet owner. We absolutely adore our pet scoop person that takes such good care of us weekly. He is kind, punctual, and great at communicating with us. The freedom this service gives us is incredible. Thank you Pet Scoop!! Mercado family
We have been a customer for one month. The office is very professional and communicative. As we settled into the service we had a bit of a hiccup. The manager addressed my concerns directly and put into place a plan to help support his staff for future cleanings as well. Friendly, professional, quick to remedy concerns. A valuable partner in our pet and lawn care!
Had my first service today from This company and I am impressed I have two dogs in a small backyard it gets full fairly quickly an as I work until 5 an have so much more to do around the house I’m pooped on the weekends. I am happy with the job that was done in my backyard the gentleman was not afraid of my dogs as they tend to act intimidating with new people but he was great with them an did a great job I will keep them definitely!
Stephanie Lee
Stephanie Lee
Best money I have ever spent! We have 3 dogs and it is such a help having PetScoop come twice a week to help clean up the yard. We are loving this service!
Lisa Baker
Lisa Baker
The employees are so polite, helpful and do a great job! They always communicate if they aren't able to make it out for some reason, or if they're running late, or, if I've left my gate locked and they can't get in. They are conscientious, communicate clearly, and everyone I've spoken with has been so kind. You get a text or email letting you know they completed their work so you always know the job is done.
Sapphire Falls
Sapphire Falls
Have been with PS for over a year! 😁 We love the professional attendance to our and our pets needs. Harley looks forward to saying hello every week when they stop by. Appreciate team member smiles and positive vibes, always willing to help in anyway.
Lynn Beale
Lynn Beale
Our service lady is extremely sweet and great at cleaning. Our Dobermans love her. It makes me smile to think people are scared of my babies. They are so happy when our cleaner comes. I am very happy with our service and it’s employees.
Ashley Ridgway
Ashley Ridgway
We had our differences and I was very disappointed in the service but pet scoop made it right and that's all I can ask for. Thank you for taking my concern seriously and getting the job completed. Pet scoop did a great job on a one time scoop for me. I recommend this company.
Joel Lyne
Joel Lyne
Here to gush about Pet Scoop and Chris specifically. Our backyard was disgusting and he was so thorough! I don’t think I’d have even 1/4 as good an attitude as he did while cleaning up dog poop. He even cleaned up the front yard despite me not expecting that at all! Well worth every dollar spent.
Jacque Cochrane
Jacque Cochrane

We Service the Denver Metro Area and Northern Front Range

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