It’s Snowin’ and Your Dog
       Keeps Goin’


Snow Charge



We want to assure you that as long as your dogs continue to use the yard, we will continue to come out and scoop as often as possible, so that waste does not accumulate. We typically get calls from our clients with questions about Pet Scoop’s winter/snow scooping so we wanted to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. As always, if you need additional information, please do not hesitate to call us at  303-781-7667.

Q.  If it snows on the day you are scheduled or planning to clean, do you still clean or skip?

A. We make every effort to not miss a cleanup due to snow, as long as it is safe for our technicians to be out on the roads or in the yards.  When it does snow on the day your normal visit is scheduled, we may have to delay the cleanup a day or two for the snow to melt or for us to find waste on top of the snow. Please note that we may be off schedule for the remainder of the week as we try to catch up with previous jobs and routes from earlier in the week due to snow.  We will work into the weekend, if necessary, to make sure all of our client’s yard are being services to the best of our ability.  Our goal is to make sure that every client is getting a regular cleanup in order to keep the waste from accumulating. If we are more than 2-3 days behind schedule, we may have to skip some cleanups, as we get too far behind schedule to catch up.

Q.  Do you still charge for days you have to skip due to snow?

A. Our billing is based on your Average Monthly Billing Rate, regardless of the number of cleanups that fall during the monthly billing cycle.  Depending on your scheduled day(s) during a monthly billing cycle, there could be more or less cleanups, but the amount of waste we are cleaning will be the same. Therefore, the Monthly rate will stay the same, even if we occasionally have to skip a cleanup due to snow.

Q. Why do you clean my yard when it is snow filled?

A. Depending on temperatures and forecasts, we may clean your yard even though there is snow on the ground. We take advantage of breaks in the weather to get as much waste as we can so it does not continue to accumulate; we get waste on top of the snow, in melted areas, and from decks and patios.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions or concerns. Our phone number is 303-781-7667 or you may e-mail us at