Option #1

“Complete” Program with Station Maintenance

Pet Scoop will take care of of your Dog Waste Dilemma. This option requires minimal effort on your part, while solving the pet waste problem by significantly reducing or even eliminating the uncollected dog waste.  We can also help to maintain your pet stations so your residents have a convenient and clean way of disposing of their dogs waste themselves.

This option is great for communities that:

  • Already have dogs living at the community

  • Would like help with Pet Station Maintenance

  • Don’t want to use onsite staff for initially registering pets or waste sample collection

With the full-service “COMPLETE” Program, Pet Scoop will provide:
(click each to see what is included)

Registering all the existing pets can be a bit time consuming for you and your staff, therefore, a trained Pet Scoop account manager will come to your community and:

  • Swab each dog’s cheek to collect a DNA sample
  • Enter the Resident’s info into your own community database
  • Mail the DNA sample to the lab for processing
  • Educate Residents & Answer any questions they may have
  • DNA Registration Kit & Resident LifePlan Membership are INCLUDED
  • Once the initial Pet Registration Event(s) is complete and the existing dogs are registered, it will be easy to have your staff register the occasional dog as they move in.

Once all the dogs at the community are registered, if a resident does not “scoop the poop”, a trained Pet Scoop tech will come to your community and:

  • Collect the waste sample from the grounds
  • Package and Mail the waste sample to the lab
  • Lab will then process the waste sample and match against all registered community dogs
  • Notify you of the Results, so you can enforce your pet policy
  • Waste Sample Collection Kit and Lab Processing Fee are INCLUDED
  • Two Visits per Week = as low as $8.75
  • One Visits per Week = as low as $9.95

For about the same price that you currently pay for doggie bags and trash liners, the COMPLETE Program includes full-service Pet Station Maintenance in which a trained Pet Scoop tech will come to your community on the regular frequency of your choice and:

  • Empty waste receptacle & replace with a new trash liner
  • Restock Doggie Bags as needed
  • Perform basic station maintenance
  • Check the area within 20 feet of station for uncollected waste and either scoop and discard or send to lab for processing (see Waste Sample Collect & Match above)
  • Best part is that Doggie Bags are INCLUDED in this service so you will never have to buy and inventory bags again (approx. $9 value per week)!
  • Additional Pet Stations (if needed) = $395

Option #2

“DOO-It-Yourself” Community Managed Program

This option may take a little more effort on your staff’s part but will certainly solve the pet waste problem by significantly reducing and even eliminating the uncollected dog waste.

This option might be good for a brand new communities or for a community that:

  • Has sufficient office staff to register dogs

  • Has sufficient maintenance staff to collect waste samples

  • Does not have Pet Stations (we highly recommend providing pet stations as this will make it easier for resident to comply)

Product and Service Cost with the “DOO-It-Yourself” Community Managed Program:
(click each to see what is included) 

  • The DNA Registration Kit includes 2 cotton swabs to collect cheek cells for the dog
  • Resident Information card to be entered by your staff into your community database
  • Postage-paid envelope to send the cheek swabs and info card
  • Welcome Gift for resident – Free LifePlan Membership
  • Waste sample collection bottle with stabilizer solution
  • Plastic knife to collect waste
  • Nitrile gloves to make it more sanitary while collecting waste
  • Doggie bag to discard remainder of waste
  • Postage-paid box to mail waste sample to lab
  • Includes lab processing of waste sample
  • Includes email notification of results
  • Official Letter from lab explaining results
  • If you do not need Pet Station Maintenance Services but still need some help with the initial registration of pets, a trained Pet Scoop account manager can still provide assistance (see Pet Registration Event above, under Option #1)

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