A Breed of Their Own Feature – English Bull Dog

Despite his glum expression, the French Bulldog is comical, entertaining, and dependably amiable. As comfortable in an apartment as he is on a farm, he is more lively than you might suspect from his chunky appearance. French Bulldog puppies are especially frisky, and ball chasing is one of their [...]


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Pet Scoop's 12 Days of Caring is an annual social media campaign to benefit a local dog rescue. It's a fun way to rally the Denver community to give a little to make a big impact for an organization that provides care and assistance to our furry friends. We [...]


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Customer Reviews: {loadposition customer-reviews} The Pet Scoop Guarantee To provide you with the best pooper scooper service possible. If you are not completely satisfied with a particular dog poop clean up, simply let us know. We will credit your account for that clean up or come back to re-clean [...]


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Available PooPrints Options, Because One Size Does NOT Fit All   Option #1 "Complete" Program with Station Maintenance Pet Scoop will take care of of your Dog Waste Dilemma. This option requires minimal effort on your part, while solving the pet waste problem by significantly reducing or even eliminating [...]


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