Frequently Asked Questions

After more than 20 years and over 1 million cleanups of Colorado yards and properties, we've answered a lot of questions about Scooping Poop. We've put our collection of the most commonly asked questions here for you. If you have a question that we did not show here, please use the contact page and ask away! Chances are someone else has the same question.

Do you do dog poop removal all year, including winter?

Yes! We offer pet waste cleanup and removal all year. Snow or inclement weather may delay our professional pooper scoopers from time to time but we are usually able to catch up on our scheduled dog waste clean up within a day or two. In the winter, we will occassionally get a snow that may cause us to miss an entire week, in this case, we will credit your account 1/4 the regular fee for the missed cleanup. This is due to the fact that we will still have twice as much dog waste to cleanup on the next scheduled visit.