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Pet Travel: A Complete Guide

For many pet parents, a trip is no fun if your furry, feathered or four-legged family members can't come. Travelling can be highly stressful at the best of times. With your animal companions in tow, it can be even more stressful. However, thoughtful preparation takes the bite out of [...]


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Customer Reviews: {loadposition customer-reviews} The Pet Scoop Guarantee To provide you with the best pooper scooper service possible. If you are not completely satisfied with a particular dog poop clean up, simply let us know. We will credit your account for that clean up or come back to re-clean [...]


Pet Scoop’s Twitter Contest

Our mascot is Cooper   A Cooperism is a "thing your dog might say." Tweet the hashtag #cooperism with along with a "thing your dog might say" to enter our Twitter Contest.We will retweet and favorite your #cooperism. The #cooperism with the most retweets will win a video of their [...]


Pet Scoop Birthdays & Anniversaries August 2015

We have 2 birthdays this month!  Join us in wishing happy Birthday to: Carol Badgley - August 11th                       & Rene Engelhardt - August 17th We'd like to say thanks for every act of kindness, every soothing word, everything you've done to [...]


Pet Care on a Budget

We love our pets like children, and although our four-legged friends are much cheaper than raising kids, their care can still be pretty pricey at times. According to the ASPCA, the average price for feeding and maintaining a medium-sized dog runs around $1,500 per year and cats ring up around $1,000 in [...]


Happy Birthdays at Pet Scoop for July 2015

July is turning out to be a really big month here at Pet Scoop Services. It's our biggest birthday month.Bill Koekemoer has an extra special anniversary. On July 21st he has 7 years with Pet Scoop. Hooray! There are also a lot of really cool dog friendly events events [...]


Summer Lawn Damage and Your Dog

The weather this July is turning out to be a bit different from previous years. One thing that remains the same are the problems you might experience around summer lawn care and your dog. Although you can expect to have some lawn damage if you have pets, lawn dog [...]

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