The Zika Virus: Are Humans At Risk From Pets?

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to some of the newer viruses were hearing about and how they could be linked to our pets. A perfect example is the Zika virus, first discovered in a primate from a jungle in Africa way back in the 1940’s. [...]


6 Reasons to Choose a Pet Sitter

As a pet owner, you will realize that it becomes very hard to go away, especially when you are going somewhere you can’t take a pet with you.However, you don’t need to worry about your pet as you can hire a professional sitter – a professional who will take [...]


Now Who’s in the Dog House?

Our dogs like being outside as much as we do. When the weather is hot think sunbathing in a fur coat. Dogs can’t release heat by sweating the way humans do. Heat and humidity can raise a dog's body temperatures to dangerous levels. For that reason, an outdoor dog house [...]


22 Years and 22 Reasons for Pet Scoop

Can you believe it's been 22 years?February 1, 2016 made 22 years for Pet Scoop Services. Time flies when you're having fun! We had the largest number of service starts in January of this year. You know "our business really is picking up"!  Okay enough with the cliches. Seriously, [...]


A Look Back at the 12 Days of Caring

Our 1st annual 12 Days of Caring campaign was awesome!  Your support for New Hope Cattle Dogs Rescue was awesome! It all starting when we asked you to nominate a local rescue deserving of a little love and support. You guys really came through! You brought so many hard [...]


A Safe & Warm Winter

There are many things we need to do to prepare for the cold winter months. Let's not forget about our pets. Here are a few tips for a safe and warm winter for your dog:If you notice that your dog gets dry skin in the winter, you probably need [...]


Preparing Your Dog for Grooming

Is this your dog?Preparing your dog for the grooming process can help alleviate some anxiety. Even if your dog has no hair or you do all aspects of your dog's grooming care yourself, you're still going to want to teach him or her how to behave for the whole [...]

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